Fitness Instructors

Xiao Wan

Hobbies: Reading, Traveling
Fitness Instructor since 1999
Certified Chinese National Fitness Instructor
Senior Instructor for Gravity Systems China
<<Ruili>> Magazine Fitness Advisor
<<Fu Mu Bi Du>> Parent’s Literature Fitness Advisor
<<Fu Mu Bi Du>> Parent’s Literature Columnist
Strengths: Gravity Group, Aqua Aerobics, and Pilates

Ken Wang

Philosophy: You only way you can fail, is if you give up.
Hobbies: Music, Movies, Sports, Cooking, Crafting.
Bachelor of Education from Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education
National Class Athlete
Won the National Sport Aerobics Championship several times from 2001-2005
Represented China in Fifth place in 2003 at the World Cup Championships in Sport Aerobics
Visited Japan and Korea in 2003-2004 to participate in the Knowledge Exchange in Sport Aerobics Competition
In 2005 qualified as the soul representative of China in the World Cheerleading Championships
Lead the Chinese DHL Cheerleaders Team to their victory at the 2006 World Championships in Cheerleading.
Group Fitness Instructor since 2004
Strengths: Gravity Group, Pilates, Aerobics, Kickboxing





My Training Philosophy

I believe that we are all different, but that gravity training is good for all of us. Appropriate exercise strengthens both our minds and our bodies. A strong mind in a strong body empowers us to reach goals beyond the gym.


AFAA CPT, National Level Fitness Instructor

My strengths:

I have my own distinctive training methods; I am good at assessing a client’s physical conditions and body type, and at designing safe and effective personal programs tailored to their goals. I pay close attention to technique, believing good form is critical to achieving goals. I speak both Chinese and English.